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[11 Apr : 11:53AM]

LOL we are all luckers at the moment.

[11 Apr : 06:14AM]

Stop digging your nose in public. Will do though but as of right now I want to be a lurker XD

[07 Apr : 08:58PM]

Well if you ever want to come to back to the staff just let me know LOL.

[03 Apr : 05:26AM]

Please who is this "Renji" guy?. Well I'm still active aren't I. Actually I was having such a hectic life when I enlisted to the Army and now, I only have one month left.

[02 Apr : 12:53PM]

LOL *pokes* renji. I thought I had made a FAQ about how the ranking system works on the site I guess not. Anyways, your were quite active when you were a part of the staff

[31 Mar : 04:35AM]

Such accuracy, If you weren't the admin, I would've reported you for stalking. It's a shame to see this site being empty with all the effort put into it.

[30 Mar : 08:09PM]

I don't have any ideas at the moment. I'm pretty busy myself and if I wasn't still having issues with my car wreck injury I probably would be online a lot more.

[30 Mar : 08:06PM]

Well dood, you have 1914 visits 56 comments posted 733 chatbox posts, and 1167 forum post. All activity counts towards your level

[29 Mar : 07:51PM]

I'm a level 3 member... It's not even over 9000 So what can we do to bring this site back to life?

[29 Mar : 11:18AM]

I bet I just tried it my self. But it does help keep the spam comment down. Even if you comment gets block I can approve it in the back end.

[29 Mar : 06:19AM]

Dude your captcha.. Is effing mind boggling

[29 Mar : 06:15AM]

22nd March... Is that this year or some donkey years ago?. Was browsing through my Email and the nostalgia of it all sadden me deeply

[22 Mar : 12:40AM]

If you can't post in the forums please just use my support ticket site and select the general category. Side note this is not preferred support. but if need be please use it I check that site more 2-3 times a day.

[22 Mar : 12:37AM]

@Church: please post a thread in the support forums here:

[22 Mar : 12:34AM]

Why does it keep banning you?? What are you doing? Is it for inactivity or are you trying to posting too fast.

[21 Mar : 05:22AM]

Rusty your site keeps banning me. Make it stop D:

[20 Mar : 11:37PM]

*pokes everyone*

[09 Mar : 11:26PM]

Well it is nice to see that we still get visitor XD

[03 Mar : 02:07PM]

atleast some people are still alive

[15 Feb : 08:59PM]


[03 Feb : 10:22PM]

[03 Feb : 10:14PM]

No dood I'm dead LOL

[29 Jan : 03:45AM]

Rumor has it that the next person to post will spontaneously burst into flames.

[29 Jan : 03:45AM]

(>'-')> <('-'<) ^(' - ')^ <('-'<) (>'-')>

[29 Jan : 03:45AM]

Commence with the resurrection!

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Monday 02 April 2012
Code Geass: Nunnally in Wonderland / Code Geass: Boukoku no Akito
Been a while since i post a news (problem?) so i will post something big!! Maybe not big for you but it's kinda big deal for us because it concern CODE GEASS!!! OH YES!!! MUAHAHAHA

From the title of the news, it's about 2 OVA that's going to be released maybe around August this year!.. You hear me Code Geass Maniacs!! It's AUGUST, now bookmark your calendar right now!! Muahahaha.. Anyway.. the first would be Code Geass: Nunnally in Wonderland & Code Geass: Boukoku no Akito.. Both will be explained further below.. Enjoy.. I'm practically not that excited about Nunnally OVA so i wont put so much detail on that but i'm sure ye Lolicon out there will search more but i'm sure hyped up about this Boukoku no Akito. XD

Code Geass: Nunnally in Wonderland


Code Geass: Boukoku no Akito

Code Geass: Akito The Exiled (コードギアス 亡国のアキト, lit. Code Geass: The Ruined Land of Akito) Code Geass Gaiden: Bōukoku no Akito (The Ruined Land of Akito) is an upcoming OVA.


alice in wonderland   japanese teenagers   black knights   akito   alter ego   Code Geass   Mecha   Nunnally   
Posted by Cuatro on Monday 02 April 2012 - 01:44AM | Read/Post Comment: 3 |printer friendly create pdf of this news item
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