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[19 Apr : 06:11PM]

Ditto for me. Man this website suddenly look so foreign to me. I hope we can bring this site back to life again. Now, it's just a shadow of it's former self.

[18 Apr : 08:17PM]

Nevermind I fixed it, you should see it now in the forums. It was a setting thing that had got messed.

[18 Apr : 08:12PM]

LOL so long since I've posted in the forum

[18 Apr : 08:12PM]

Weird, I'm not seeing it either. I do see this image when I enter a thread. BUt no when enter in to a forum. I have to look into that but for now jus go to a thread and the new thread image should be top right in the forum

[18 Apr : 05:30AM]

Just notice that we can't post anything in the forum or I just lack the ability to locate the post in the forum. Please enlightened me on the predicament that I am facing, Sir Ru

[11 Apr : 11:53AM]

LOL we are all luckers at the moment.

[11 Apr : 06:14AM]

Stop digging your nose in public. Will do though but as of right now I want to be a lurker XD

[07 Apr : 08:58PM]

Well if you ever want to come to back to the staff just let me know LOL.

[03 Apr : 05:26AM]

Please who is this "Renji" guy?. Well I'm still active aren't I. Actually I was having such a hectic life when I enlisted to the Army and now, I only have one month left.

[02 Apr : 12:53PM]

LOL *pokes* renji. I thought I had made a FAQ about how the ranking system works on the site I guess not. Anyways, your were quite active when you were a part of the staff

[31 Mar : 04:35AM]

Such accuracy, If you weren't the admin, I would've reported you for stalking. It's a shame to see this site being empty with all the effort put into it.

[30 Mar : 08:09PM]

I don't have any ideas at the moment. I'm pretty busy myself and if I wasn't still having issues with my car wreck injury I probably would be online a lot more.

[30 Mar : 08:06PM]

Well dood, you have 1914 visits 56 comments posted 733 chatbox posts, and 1167 forum post. All activity counts towards your level

[29 Mar : 07:51PM]

I'm a level 3 member... It's not even over 9000 So what can we do to bring this site back to life?

[29 Mar : 11:18AM]

I bet I just tried it my self. But it does help keep the spam comment down. Even if you comment gets block I can approve it in the back end.

[29 Mar : 06:19AM]

Dude your captcha.. Is effing mind boggling

[29 Mar : 06:15AM]

22nd March... Is that this year or some donkey years ago?. Was browsing through my Email and the nostalgia of it all sadden me deeply

[22 Mar : 12:40AM]

If you can't post in the forums please just use my support ticket site and select the general category. Side note this is not preferred support. but if need be please use it I check that site more 2-3 times a day.

[22 Mar : 12:37AM]

@Church: please post a thread in the support forums here:

[22 Mar : 12:34AM]

Why does it keep banning you?? What are you doing? Is it for inactivity or are you trying to posting too fast.

[21 Mar : 05:22AM]

Rusty your site keeps banning me. Make it stop D:

[20 Mar : 11:37PM]

*pokes everyone*

[09 Mar : 11:26PM]

Well it is nice to see that we still get visitor XD

[03 Mar : 02:07PM]

atleast some people are still alive

[15 Feb : 08:59PM]


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Wednesday 26 March 2014
Is this site dead

The question is that most may have asked. It Rutaku Anime dead?? I would say somewhat. As there isn't any active members and no more active staff. It is to be expected as most staff volunteer their time here. Just as I volunteer my time and money to keep the site running. But it's not dead in the fact that I will never get rid of the site or shut it down. I still maintain back end work and such. But I pretty busy myself. I would like to see some other staff on the site(s) i.e the gallery and Rutaku Anime. I would say for the rutaku anime top sites but I thinking about closing down that site as Aardvark topsites script dopesn't seem to be actively maintained any more. Which lately has been getting a lot of spam sign ups, anywhere from 500-2000 daily. It getting hard to keep up on it and at time had to empty the database and do a restore a bunch of time. Rutaku Anime Topsites might not be no more here soon.

Anyways we will still be here and I'm going to try and post more. But if any members would like to be a staff member I will be creating a thread in the forums for that soon. I will need someone to be almost second in command like post news and other content. Also will help maintain Rutaku Anime image gallery. But I don't need uploaders we are no longer have staff maintained downloads if you haven't notice downloads are mostly like dead links. We will probably be disabling the downloads section soon anyways. I have different plans for the site anyways. But I would like to see the community at least grow.

Last bit of info a while back I had added some spam/ban help/cleaner a while back to help fight spam sign ups and posting. If your have problems with any of these please post in the support forums or contact me by email. (don't use yahoo to contact me please). I'm not going to disable those features at the moment unless I have lots of problems as it has been making managing spam easier.

That's it for the moment, thanks for visiting.

Posted by Ru-Kun on Wednesday 26 March 2014 - 09:11PM | Read/Post Comment: 2 |printer friendly create pdf of this news item
Wednesday 24 July 2013
Script Update 724-2013 and other

So yes it has been a bit since anything has been posted let alone any real activity in the site. All staff are no longer active and it doesn't help with me working alot as well as maintaining a bunch of website. But I will say Rutaku Anime will live on even with out anyone really active. I just renewed both of our domains and

Anyways I have updated out website script. Nothing new not really any new features but mostly security fixes. If you haven't noticed since my last post I have cleaned out all the spammer profiles from the site. and will continue to do so. I not really worried about activity on the site and I will do my best to at least stay somewhat active here. I may be allow new staff soon. But I only want active staff the are going to continue support the site and not be active for only a bit. I got sick of that since we have gone through a lot of staff.

[ Read the rest... ]

security fixes   new features   anime   profiles   
Posted by Ru-Kun on Wednesday 24 July 2013 - 07:13PM | Read/Post Comment: 0 |printer friendly create pdf of this news item
Monday 11 March 2013
Rutaku Anime Gallery

Now it's time our Rutaku Anime Gallery site is open. We haven't done a design for the site yet but that will be soon to come. I still yet have to work on bridging Coppermine with Rutaku anime itself but if you want to register the right now that is fine. I'm still deciding on how much space to allow for member to upload there anime images but I'm planning on a month to month upgrade feature to allow for unlimited storage. I haven't decided on that yet either. In the beginning it will be trial and error testing.

Anyways check out the Rutaku Anime Gallery:

anime images   trial and error   coppermine   storage   
Posted by Ru-Kun on Monday 11 March 2013 - 10:33AM | Read/Post Comment: 0 |printer friendly create pdf of this news item
Tuesday 05 February 2013
Massive clean out

So if any of you decide to login you will not our member list has gone down massively. Well I added a new back-end plugin to prune inactive accounts I went through and found over 400 members I cleared out I also added some spam plugins to clean out all the spam. This was about 2 days of work. Sorry if you account is gone but I did make sure that I keep members I know are real. I mainly was wanting to clean out all the spammers. Anyways I'm the only staff member here now all old staff don't have access to the back-end anymore but still have access to the staff forums. I know we all have lives but in I wasn't able to do a lot with the site as life get in the way. Now I able to get things going again but there will be a lot more changes with this site in the up coming months/years. I will be having ads posted on the site for both visitors and members to help cover costs of running this site this will be at least for a while

Anyways that is it for now.

inactive accounts   staff forums   staff member   spammers   member list   
Posted by Ru-Kun on Tuesday 05 February 2013 - 02:52AM | Read/Post Comment: 0 |printer friendly create pdf of this news item
Sunday 03 February 2013
Long Time no Update
Yes the site is dead with activity which is fine because the site is still online. But the issue is none of the staff are active and the site has got kill with spammers and I have a hard time keep up with it myself since I have that issue on my other sites as well. Since I haven't seen any staff active in a while I going to remove all staff powers. Side note the secondary main admin we were going to get (i.e. girlfriend) is not going to be here as a staff. She said is not something she can do as she doesn't know how to run a website which is fine it's no big deal.

For the time being I disabling certain areas for low rank users until I can get the spam under control. I'm also searching for better spam plugins

That's it for the moment.

spammers   hard time   girlfriend   spam   
Posted by Ru-Kun on Sunday 03 February 2013 - 10:42AM | Read/Post Comment: 0 |printer friendly create pdf of this news item
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